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Episode 5: Champagne doesn't fizz out, the bubbles dissipate into the atmosphere

I don’t know if it’s because I’m surrounded by the things I’ve accumulated through the years again or the Montreal hamper filled with clean clothes that need to be hanged, but I feel good.

The past three (almost four) weeks have flown by so quickly, each day filled like that hamper with clean, good things. That being said, I’ve been so busy I have had no chances to sit and think: how do I feel about Montreal? Am I happy because of where I am, or because I’m surrounded by the people I know and love, or perhaps because I’m back in my comfort zone?

Quite honestly, I don’t know and I think I just decided that I don’t care. Most importantly, my general mood has been great and I find myself dancing every day.

I have slowly realized some things these past weeks – and past year.

  1. I am in that future I’ve always dreamed of – in a slightly different manner, but still in that one dream I’ve envisioned since being a little girl.

  2. Plans change constantly, so better accept and adapt: make plans for yourself and work hard to accomplish them though!

  3. Take the time to live in the moment and make memories of these moments.

  4. Home is wherever I decide it to be, and that’s where I am at any time.

Taking a long break in Dublin was refreshing. It allowed me to come back with a renewed sense of direction.

So, 2017, I am coming at you with so many projects. Charging at you so hard that you and the entire world will be surprised.

And to end things perfectly and usher in the new year with a bang, here’s BigBang’s latest release off their new full album Made: “Fxxk It” ;)

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