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Episode 12: An Open Letter to Producers: Art, the bastard, neglected child

News hit the media not long ago and it shocked me – no, I’m not talking politics. Not in this blog post anyway.

I’m talking about the cancellation of many Netflix shows, like Sense8 and what that represents in a broader perspective.

Let’s put a disclaimer right at the beginning: I am obviously not singling out Netflix as the only network that commits cannibalism. It happens every single year across all networks all over the world.

I don’t know why it’s hit me so much more this year. That’s a lie. I know why.

Here’s why I like books and movies so much more than TV shows – they have an ending. And maybe it’s not the one you, as the audience, wished for, but it’s the ending the artist chose.

I understand where producers come from. They run a business. A business’ goal is to make money, to keep afloat and to attract as many people as possible continuously. These past months, years, have taught me that over and over again. I’ve learned this first hand with various projects.

Do not mingle it with art. Producers, point blank, you are bastardizing art, the artist, and the viewer. You are humiliating us.

You give us a platform where we can express ourselves, and then, before the project is over, before we are done creating, you take it away from us.

Are we that easy to take advantage of? Are you mocking my art that easily? This is beyond insulting.

Have you forgotten what it is to create? Because as a producer, that is what you are doing as well. If I told you that we had to release a project before post-production is over, how would you feel?

I’m not saying that the choice to cancel a project is easy. Plenty of projects don’t see the light of day. I would know. But when it’s a project like a series, I think you should tread more carefully. Again, I’m not saying you should never end it. On the contrary, end it. But plan it. Give the creators time to tie up their story the way they want it to.

I have a hard time publishing my work to begin with. I am so self-conscious, always believing it can be better. I can’t imagine someone telling me, once I have put my work out there, that I cannot finish it.

You are effectively bastardizing art. Taking it away from their parent, throwing it into a haunted orphanage. Neglecting it instead of nourishing it to bloom into a teenager ready to mature.

Art is the essence of our soul. Treat it with the respect it deserves. Palaces, temples, grand buildings are kept with respect. We conserve paintings, sculptures in these edifices.

Art is the foundation, the walls, the roof, and everything within it. But take the roof away, and everything inside gets ruined.

Build a palace with art, around art, and build the whole world.

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