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Episode 13: Like an Arrow I Fly

There are a couple of things I’m obsessed with in life. One of those is archery – it happens to be the main reason why one of my all-time favourite characters in the Lord of the Rings is Legolas (nope, it had nothing to do with his luscious hair, which FYI, didn’t really exist in the books).

Bows have something about them… They’re elegant, you know?

If I’m going to kill someone, I’ll do it with a bow and arrow.

And that’s exactly what I did tonight.

My friends and I had an epic archery battle (at Sports de Combat). I felt like Link. Heck, I was Link.

The game is a mix of dodgeball and paintball but with rubber arrows and bows instead of guns. Hide behind obstacles and shoot down the enemy to win. Simple right? The best cardio you’ll ever get.

They added rubber axes into the mix after our first game. So now I was like Legolas and Gimli. I want to cry, I’m so excited.

Ducking, prepping your bow and arrow, sneaking and shooting. Such an adrenaline. You forget everything else. I was in another world.

(Okay so maybe I don't look as cool as Link or Legolas - but I'm getting there! ALSO, ACTUAL video of the experience is coming up!!)

During our last game, Christine and I teamed up to get Cathy, the last person, on the other team. And I noticed she had changed hiding spots, but Christine hadn’t. So Christine and I are across the room, in our respective hiding spots and I see Christine about to jump to attack Cathy – in the wrong place. Ensues a serie of gestures to coordinate an attack on Cathy and her new position. I felt like Link in the Gerudo valley. Or you know, a spy. Either work.

The point is we won that game. So take that Mordor – because obviously the enemy was THE enemy, you know?

(Aragorn's skills are my life goals. They're what I dream about every night - I am absolutely NOT joking.)

All of my dreams of being a superhero in one place. You should definitely check it out for your next event. Or make an event for it. I’m serious. You won’t regret it. And you’re likely to find me there. If you don’t see me, it’s because I’m in the back shooting real arrows at targets. (You can also throw real axes at targets. There’s also NERF battles. Can this place adopt me yet?)

I do want to mention that they cater to children's parties. So, you can always ask me to come - no matter who will be there. I will fight against anyone, no gender or age discrimination happening here.

Next stop is the World's Largest Escape Room - in Ottawa nonetheless: The Diefenbunker Museum. Who's in?

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